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Simulator Pricing 2021-2022

Monday to Thursday – Mornings only – $30.97 plus HST = $35.00

Monday to Thursday – From noon to close – $40.00 plus tax= $45.20

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays – $45.00 plus HST =$50.85

Indoor Golf is open with strict Covid19 guidelines.  Indoor golf requires that you are double vaccinated.

Call 613-839-4653 x.1 or email  Tee times are required.

There are three screens to choose from at Irish Hills.  Over 30 different courses to choose from our list.

You must come out and try our new E6 Technology that allows you to putt over 30 sensors!  This allows the system to analyze your entire golf club movement.  This is great teaching aid that will allow you to excel your own golf game throughout the winter.

Covid19 Protocols for Indoor Golf 2021

We will be requiring a tee time or a scheduled meeting, in advance of you coming out to club during these COVID19 times.

Here are some of the measures we are currently putting in place:

  • We want you to ensure physical distancing is observed by employees and golfers.
  • Masks to be worn at all times especially while playing indoor golf.
  • Required to show vaccine passport.
  • Pre-Screening questionnaire will be asked of golfers prior to entry into the club for signs of illness and we will restrict entry if illness is detected. 
  • Parking will be prohibited outside and around the Clubhouse (except for a few handicapped spaces); parking will be in the big lot which will be regularly ploughed. This is to accommodate a restaurant take-out/pick-up service.
  • We will manage traffic flow and physical distancing with barriers and floor markings.
  • We are requiring tee times to be booked in advance.
  • We are going to encourage golfers to practice physical distancing during play.
  • Upon entering the building, you will be required to wear a face mask and go directly to the indoor golf area without removing coats and footwear. Please note that if you have any respiratory or flu related issues, you SHOULD NOT be participating. You are expected to STAY HOME. Having signed in, you will go directly to your assigned screen/station/chair. There will be a set-up to store your coats and footwear at each station as well as your golf clubs.
  • We will have assigned staff to ensure customers are following physical distancing protocols, especially in areas likely to be congested.
  • We are limiting the number of people in a workspace and will be taking our time between clients to ensure our own health and safety practices can be completed.
  • We will be controlling how many customers enter the indoor golf area, etc. at one time.
  • Golf clubs are to remain in your bag at all times except for the one chosen for your shot. Clubs will NOT be allowed to be leant against walls, chairs or tables. Return that club to your bag until it is your turn to play your next shot.
  • To eliminate transmission via surfaces such as tables, chairs, designated golf bag areas will be numbered and cleaned before and after the round.
  • We will be providing a few designated garbage cans around for you to have a safe place for customers to dispose of used sanitizing wipes and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We will have hand sanitizer for customers to use upon entry.
  • We will be using a sanitizing spray on the tables, chairs, simulators, washrooms, doors and any other high touch areas.
  • We ask that you make sure that your clubs are clean before you come into the clubhouse. No dirt or other fall residues.
  • We are increasing the cleaning frequency of our workspaces and to commonly touched surfaces.
  • We will have take-out food and beverages available. Limited amounts.
  • Please no gathering in the parking lot for tail gate beverages. You will be asked to leave.
  • Please be understanding that things will take longer as we try to incorporate all the COVID19 rules.
  • Washrooms will be available in the clubhouse. Sanitizing sprays will be available for the clients to use if they feel more comfortable with that.
  • Please do not just show up. Please have a tee time or a scheduled meeting.
  • We do have tap for Visa and Mastercard. We will be wiping down the machine between uses.
  • We are really going to trying to keep all our tee times for foursomes…please make your group of four friends in your social circles.
  • We will be asking for credit card information to confirm booking of tee times. No Shows will be charged $50.00 on the given credit card for the booking per person booked.

Thank you for supporting Irish Hills!  Please be safe. Stay home if you are sick.